Dermatreate All Natural Skin Ointment

Dermatreate All Natural Skin Ointment


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- S. Hunter of Moncks Corner, SC

Other Testimonials

"I had struggled with psoriasis on my scalp for years when I learned of Dermatreate. After using it for 3 days, it completely disappeared. After about 3 1⁄2 months, a little started to reappear in my scalp, but the Dermatreate eradicated it once again. Another lady I know used it on brown-recluse spider sores on her skin. The spider poison started coming out of her skin in about 5 hours and within about 10 days her sores had disappeared and associated skin damaged returned to normal."

-Testimonial of J. Knudsen of Ladson, SC

I am a 94 year-old redhead who has had about 35-40 skin cancers over my lifetime that have normally been taken care of by dermatologists through surgeries and topical medicines. A couple years ago I had a squamous cell cancer on my ankle that was removed surgically. As a result I was crippled for more than month. Soon thereafter, I learned about Dermatreate and since then, I have used it on four basal cell carcinomas and 1 squamous cell carcinoma, with all of them completely disappearing as if they were never there. Also, my in-home helper used it on her 2 grandchildren and one other relative to cure eczema, a ring worm, and a terrible case of acne where students at her school had nicknamed her “spotty”. 

-Testimonial of E. Murphy of Moncks Corner, SC

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  • All Natural Product!- Most people have eaten the ingredients of Dermatreate at some point in their lives. 
  • Up to 100s of times less expensive than pharmaceutical products, yet faster and more effective.
  • No known side effects or adverse reactions.
  • Raymond Brown, CEO of Dermatreate, LLC, was invited by the local ABC affiliate to be their “skin disease expert” after his live appearance on their program.
  • Dermatreate has been featured in many online and printed publications, such as ABC News 4 “Low-country Live”, Berkeley Independent, Dallas Morning News, Social Columbia, Tri-City Herald and others!
  • This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Because skin conditions can be serious, Dermatreate, LLC recommends that you seek the advice of a qualified medical professional and remain under the care of a qualified medical professional at all times, any time that you have, or suspect a skin condition or disease.