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I thought nothing would ever work.  I tried EVERYTHING! Until This!  WOW! I can wear shorts now!  

S. Hunter- Used Dermatreate for Eczema

Moncks Corner, SC

I used Dermatreate several times on a rash that I had on my upper arm.  The diagnosis was Eczema on one visit to my doctor, and then a fungus on several other visits.  I tried a multitude of prescription ointments with not much success.  I then tried the Dermatreate and it stopped itching immediately.  I used it several times on my arms.  After about the 4th application, the rash was gone and with no itching of the skin. 

-E.  Thomas- Used Dermatreate for Eczema

Bethera, SC

I had struggled with Psoriasis since I was 12 years old. (I am now 26 years old).  I tried many products, but nothing worked.  Even my doctor was not able to offer me an effective solution.  And I hated the thought of using harsh chemical drugs with scary side effects.  

A close friend of mine recommended Dermatreate to me.  In less than 24 hours, I felt much better! Within about 2 days, my Psoriasis was completely cleared!  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this product or how much it has changed my life!  I would highly recommend this product to anyone struggling with Psoriasis.  Thank you, Dermatreate!

-J. Knudsen- Used Dermatreate for Psoriasis

Summerville, SC 

I have always had acne, at least since I was a teenager.  I am now in my thirties.  I found out about Dermatreate from a co-worker and decided to give it a try.  My skin has never been so clear!  Thank you Dermatreate for putting such an amazing product on the market!

-L. Smith- Used Dermatreate for Acne

Summerville, SC

Sometime around February 2010, I went for my semiannual checkup for skin cancer with the dermatologists at the VA Hospital in Charleston, SC They had previously diagnosed and removed one melanoma on my back, several basal cells and  squamous carcinoma cells around my neck, face and chest and right arm. One under my right eye also required surgery.

On this visit, they saw two suspicious items, biopsied them, and called me to  say that he one on my leg was a squamous cell, and the one on top of my head in my hair was a basal cell.

About two days later, I came in touch with a man who said he had a cure for skin cancer that had been used in his wife's family and passed down for generations.  Without revealing the formula at that time, I was invited to try it.  I applied it topically to the two biopsied skin cancers and both appeared to be healing as the man had described they would, if they were cancers.  The squamous cell on my leg, to which I had applied the formula, covered with a bandaid, and changed twice daily, started to have a pus-like substance drawn out of it after two or three days.  This process continued for another ten days and then ceased.  After the pus stopped, I used th formla another day and then quit applying.

The basal cell on my scalp, which I could not see, to which I did not apply bandaid because of my hair stopped bleeding in two or three days.   (I should have shaved the area in order to follow the directions precisely)  According to my aunt, it seemed to be gone in about eight or nine days. 

A few days later, I was able to get the VA hospital to re-biopsy the two cancers.   The squamous cell cancer had no cancerous cells remaining and the basal cell (which I had not applied as directed due to the hair on my scalp) had just a few cells remaining that were eliminated by the second biopsy.  Of the several other people that have used the formula so far, 100% appear to have been cured.

As told to me the formula only works on skin cancer.  If it is not skin cancer, it will not do anything to the skin blemish or problem.


-R. Brown- Used Dermatereate for Skin Cancers.  (Basal Cell Cancers, and Squamous Cell Cancers)

Moncks Corner, SC




I am a 93 year old woman who has lived on the ocean much of my adult life.  My husband had shrimp boats which I spent a lot of time on.  Being a redhead, I was more susceptible to skin cancer, having had some 25 or 30 and many surgeries and plastic surgeries over the years at the Medical University of South Carolina.  One of the worst surgeries was when I was 92 .  It was for a squamous cell on my left ankle.  I was laid up for a bout 6 weeks and had to have in-home nursing care during most of that time.

About 3 months ago, I heard that a local resident had something very effective in treating skin cancer, so I decided to try it.  I had 3 basal cells on my shoulder and 1 hideous-looking squamous cell on my right arm.  I had pretty much decided that I would not go back in for the pain and suffering of any more surgeries.  So, I started using what was to become Dermatreate on my cancers, one at a time.  It took about 7 or 8 days total for each of the basal cells and about 2 weeks for the squamous cells.  Additionally, where the basal cell had been on my right arm, I decided to rub Dermatreate   on where the squamous had been and along a stretch of my forearm about a foot long.  

My skin had been especially dry and scaly.  I believe this was caused by having been treated by Drs. and given radiation.  After putting the Dermatreate on my forearm one time, I would say there was 50-75% improvement in the appearance of my skin.  

My in-home care giver has a 5 year old grandson that was diagnosed a very itchy eczema on his neck.  After rubbing on Dermatreate one evening, the itching stopped immediately, and by the next morning all the redness was gone

Those around me and I can't say enough good things about Dermatreate.  I would highly recommend that anyone with skin cancer or some other skin problems or rashes give it a try!!

-E. Murphy- Used Dermatreate for Skin Cancers (Basal Cell Cancers and Squamous Cell Cancers).  Friend used Dermatreate on Eczema.

Moncks Corner, SC

In March of 2010, Ray Brown gave me a skin cancer treatment formula to try on two spots on my body that I thought might be cancerous.  I have a history of skin cancer for several years and am familiar with how they look, though it is always hard to be sure.  One of the spots on my arm appeared  to be completely cured after 14 days.  I could not even tell where the spot was located. I applied the formula to the spot, covered with a bandaid and changed it twice daily as Mr. Brown had suggested.  After three or four days, pus was drawn out of the cancerous spot that could clearly be seen each time the bandage was removed.  After about another ten days, the pus disappeared, and shortly thereafter the spot dried up completely.  During the treatment, when the pus was being drawn out, the spot flared up a little bit, but then diminished and stopped the flareup in a couple of days. 

On the second spot, I used the same formula and method, but nothing was drawn out of the spot.  This was consistent with what Mr. Brown had told me, which he was told by the family using this treatment for generations, if it is not skin cancer, nothing will be drawn out--only a skin cancer will be positively effected by this treatment.   Mr. Brown recommended that I stay under a doctor's care to check out all such spots, which I have been doing for many years anyway.

-W. Johnson - Used Dermatreate for Skin Cancers

Summerville, SC

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